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Official PriceList

Post by ModBlizzard on Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:24 pm

Too find items easier use 'ctr+f'
Blue Torva - 10B Each

Flame Torva - 20B Each

24K Torva: 30B Each

Burst Torva: 40B Each

Predator Torva: 50B Each

Fire Torva: 70B Each

Cyrex Torva: 70B Each

Apoc: 180B Each

Beatz: 200B Each

Striped: 500B Each

Toxic Torva: 300B Each

Santa Torva: 1T Each

Ice Torva: 1T Each

Pink Torva: 1T Each

420 Torva: 2T Each

Gold Torva: 4T Each

Blood Torva: 3T Each

Spiderman Torva: 5T Each

XOX Torva:5-6T Each

Hulk Torva: 25T each

Ninja Torva: 15T Each

Rainbow: 70B Each

Aiyana: 100B Each

Tzhaar: 120B Each

Max: 120B Each

Titans: 150B Each

Ornamental: 80B Each

Asgardian: 300B Each


Sea Singer: 500B

Death Lotus: 500B

Ares: 800B Each

Valgor: 1.5T Each

Chaotic Valgor: 30-50T each

Beast Master: 400B Each


Reinforced Dragon Longsword:150B

Turbo Sword: 300B

Pink Whip: 800-900b

Ice Katana: 300B

Brutal Whip: 300B

Rainbow Whip: 750B

Chaotic claws : 50B

Chaotic Whip: 1T

Devil Scythe: 2-3T

Valgor Sword: 4-5T

Death Ripper: 10-15T

Royal Rapier: 20T

Chaotic Valgor sword: 70T

Legends Blade: 40-50T

Daedrick Sword: 500T+

Kings Sword: N/A


Third age robes: 5T

Third age cloak: 500B

Third age melee Plate & legs: 10T Each

Third age melee Helm & Kiteshield: 5T Each

Jester & Tri-Jester scarf: 500B

Bobble scarf: 70B

Blood Necklace:5T

Christmas Cracker: 50B

Mystery Box: 20B

Normal Phats, Hweens, Santa's: 2-5B

Custom Phats, Hweens, Santa's: 10B

rainbow santa: 10-15t

rainbow phat: 10-50t depends on seller

Crystal Keys: 3-5B

Weed cape: 100B

Fury: 10B

Fury (or): 15B

Crystal Hearts: 1T

Jasons Bong:500B

Orange wings 500B

Red Sexy Cape: 100B

Ring of wealth: 50B

Sled: 100B

Basket: 200B

Bud cape: 5T

Angel Boots:5T

Flame Gloves: 5T

Deathfull Kitesheild's : 1T

Purple Gear sheild: 8-10T

Spirit Sheild: 10B

Normal Donator box: 10-15T

Super Donator box: 30-35T

Gold Chain: 1T

Bone cape: 3T

Dice Bag: 25-100T Depends on buyer/seller!

Full Slayer Helm: 650B

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